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Access webmail  Leadership is an interesting searscard subject matter that is often talked about by the people, both in small organizations and in large organizations. Each unit of the organization, both formal and informal there is always a leader who lead it. Leadership in essence is a person's ability to nurture, guide, direct and mobilize others to work together to achieve the goals set. To realize these goals, leaders need to do a series of activities including directing people involved in the organization he leads. In other words, the goal is achieved or not an organization is dependent on leadership. Today there are many activities, both organized by the government or by the private sector related.searscard
dengankepemimpinan, for example simpasium, seminars and trainings aimed to discuss how the leadership.
Based on this view, hence in this paper, the problem is what  leadership and how well the educational leadership.
Leadership can be explained or described in a wide range, it depends from what angle we see or capture meanings of leadership itself. Wasty Soemanto describes "a leader is a person who makes plans, thinking and taking responsibility for the group and provides guidance to others." 1 While Abu Ahmadi. states that "leadership can be defined as a process of steering and giving influence on the activities of the group members who are related duties." 2
Based on these definitions, there are three im

The success of an organization is determined searscard.com more by the behavior of a person's head, so we should know what the actual ability to be possessed by a leader.
The requirements for leadership are the same, both leaders and private organizations, both established as well as those born descendants as well as a leader in educational requirements, such as principals. If we pay attention to the requirements to become a leader, it is quite difficult to get a leader who has these criteria. However, we should strive towards it so that future leaders can lead as well as possible.
The task of Educational Leadership
Leadership is essentially a person has the ability to nurture, guide, direct and mobilize others to work together to achieve the goals set. To achieve the goal, then one leader must be able to work well, so he must know in depth about the tasks that must be implemented.
In general, the task of a leader is almost the same in every unit of the organization, as well as in educational leadership,
Besides, a leader must know thoroughly about the organization he leads. For example, school principals must be able to foster effective leadership effectiveness and efficiently find out about the conditions and circumstances in pimpinnya schools, as well as the principal had to do all the tasks that exist in school and be able to develop themselves causing morale to be expected.

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